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A ring design inspired by the organic growths of fungi.

Ring Gemmi

SKU: ringgemmi
  • All our orders are processed on the last day of each month. Depending on the material you order your designs in, you can expect a waiting time of two to three weeks from the moment your order is placed until you receive it.


    Orders placed near the beginning of the month will only be processed at the end of the same month, so we encourage you to retain your cart contents until then before finalising your order. 


    Delivery is FREE for local Singaporean buyers. For international buyers, there will be a flat USD$9 (SGD$12) shipping fee.

  • Steel Rings:

    This material is sturdy and resistant to wear and corrosion. Hard wearing will eventually remove exposed areas of top coat.


    Brass, Bronze, Silver Rings:

    These rings might tarnish and discolour when exposed to strong environmental elements. Feel free to restore their sheen by rubbing with a jeweller's cloth.


    Plated Rings:

    These rings are coated with a fine layer of corrosion resistant protection. Top coats are susceptible to hard wearing however. Avoid contact with chemicals and abrasive activity. Polishing is discouraged.

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