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Beeing Human

Beeing Human, a 3D printed fashion series acts as a tribute to nature’s wonder as we think wonder is the basis of worship. The more we learn about nature, the more we are uplifted. Details are inspired by the Honeycomb, a structure unique to the creative powers of bees. Bees collect nectar to make a strong, systematic and nurturing honeycomb, similar to how human construct objects for protection, be it clothing or architecture.

This fusion of geometric, architectural and biological forms coming together on a human body is to question, if we human are so passionate self-preservation and protection, why can’t we do it for Mother Nature as well? We hope to convey an environmental message through this collection, to encourage people to rethink our relationship with nature and join the dots.

Photographer: Bernie Ng


Beeing - A Parfüm
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The BEEING fragrance begins with a light sparkle of mandarin and bergamot lifted with a vibrant fusion of crisp pear and luminous passion flower. Middle notes empower the scent with floral richness of Takasago’s sustainable BioMuguetTM, English Rose and Jasmin Absolute. The soul of the fragrance reveals an intoxicating blend of white honey, creamy amber, soft woods and sensual musk.

BioMuguetTM is a sustainable scent made by 100% plant origin renewable material and utilizing green chemistry. A nature identical ingredient. Found in Lemon Flower and Orchid Flower. Described as Floral Green Muguet Creamy.

Swarovski - Nature’s Course
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