The Designers

Jamela Law

Creative Director

Jamela Law graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore with a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design and Textiles, majoring in Creative Pattern Cutting. She is also familiar with 3D conceptualizations and additive manufacturing processes. Coming from a Biology background, she likes to combine seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of fashion. She sees herself as a fashion outsider who likes to observe and look for the uniqueness and beauty in the perceived mundane and ordinary. 

Lionel Wong

Design Executive

Lionel Wong graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design. Adept in modelling complex mechanisms, forms and spatial relations in 3D space, he sees the use of additive fabrication technologies as an indispensable tool in his construction processes. He assists Jamela with bringing her often dreamy concepts into physical reality, and enjoys the challenges of exploring fresh techniques and applications in every new project. Outside of Baëlf, Lionel enjoys designing toys and accessories, in addition to dreaming and doodling all day over his sketchbooks.

In May 2016, Jamela co-founded Baëlf with product designer Lionel Wong, a partnership which specializes in biomimicry inspired wearable art made with novel manufacturing technologies.

Jamela and Lionel had the immense opportunity to showcase their work internationally at events such as the New York Fashion Tech Week (2017) and the Arts of Fashion in San Francisco (2017).
They have also be exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair under the Young Talent Program in Singapore on November, 2017.

As a finalist in Harper’s Bazaar’s 2017 Art Prize, the international Art of Fashion 2017 competition and Shanghai Fashion Week 2015’s Fashion, Art, Design (FAD) contest, they see their creations as wearable art challenging conventional narratives in Fashion Design.


Baëlf Design also had the opportunity to showcase and launch their commercial accessory line at prestigious venues such as Tangs departmental store (2016) and Fabcafe in ArtScience Museum (2017 - ongoing) in Singapore, where their exquisite 3D printed designs were well received.

Their works have been widely published in reputable magazines such as Harper’s BAZAAR, ELLE, L’Officiel, Nylon, Female, Nüyou and Gestalten. 


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